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After Image

Playing with Colour in all its Dimensions
Claudia Cohen
Barbara Hodgson
David Clifford (printed by)
Heavenly Monkey Editions; Vancouver, Canada
Edition: #30/30
Inscription: Signed by both artists

After Image (2009) is and artist’s book by Claudia Cohen, Barabara Hodgson and David Clifford that is inspired by Renaissance thinkers, Victorian children’s book creators, Russian avant-gardists and German applied artists. It is a three-dimensional object with 16 models and assemblages that can be folded, spun, shifted and moved. Readers can assemble a 20 sided polyhedron showing the full spectrum in pure hues, tints and shades. A spinning wheel is also included to demonstrate the principals of mixing colours. Historical partnerships such as Wassily Kandisnky’s belief that certain shapes have certain colours allocated to them have been re-imagined, or combining Russian avant-garde colour studies with Victorian children’s moving-book constructions. 30 copies of these books were printed at Black Stone Press. The copies come in a Clamshell Box along with three dimensional constructions and a hand-lathed wood spinning wheel top required for several of the constructs. The first eight copies form a deluxe issue including an original sketch page, and is accompanied by a multi-hued booklet made from translucent Cromatica papers with patterns.

After Image. Available on: http://www.heavenlymonkey.com/AfterImage.html

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