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Cent mille petits points

Mauro Bellei
Les Trois Ourses; Paris, France
Edition: #19/30
Inscription: Signed by the artist

Translated as “millions of small dots” or “hundred thousand small dots”, Cent Mille Petits Points (2012) is a collaboration between Mauro Bellei, Accipicchia design and Les Trois Ourses (Des millions de petits points 2013).

In order to ‘read’ the book one must search for light. The reader directs the dotted page towards the preferred source of lighting, exposing the dots (Cent mille petits points 2017). The small dots in the book create imaginary constellations that are capable of constantly transforming, a game of shaping and reshaping, and creating new identities and meanings in the process (Des millions de petits points 2013).

Cent mille petits points. 2017. [O]. Available:https://lestroisourses.com/librairie/141-cent-mille-petits-points?artiste=13-mauro-bellei

Des millions de petits points. 2013. [O]. Available: http://www.ccmag.fr/agenda/Des-millions-de-petits-points_ae223353.html

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