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Cold Sweat

The Graphic Works
Chris Diedericks
Artist's publication; Cape Town, RSA
Edition: #5/5
Inscription: Signed by the artist

In the work Cold Sweat (2009) Diedericks aims to reconcile two seemingly irreconcilable driving forces of postmodern consciousness – “the desire for ‘otherness’ and the fear of losing autonomy”.

The artist states, “My works for Cold Sweat are darker than ever before; quiet and unsettling, but without the sometimes-literal element in some of my earlier works. However, I have re-introduced a lyrical element into my latest work and am slowly moving away from the specific exploration of gender and sexuality”.

This is a limited edition of five hand-made artists’ books as an extension of a larger body of works with the same title. Each book contains 10 original drypoint engravings with a short biography by the artist, a background to the larger body of work and a detailed description of each work.

Chris Diedericks 2009 [o] Available: http://chrisdiedericks.co.za/exhibitions/cold-sweat/

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