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Lyndi Sales
Artist's publication; Cape Town, RSA
Edition: #2/8
Inscription: Signed and dated by the artist

The book has a decorative cloth cover with double spine and has a wrap-around cloth protector with a ribbon tie.

The colophon states: “All prints in this book were hand printed from original copper etching plates and transfer solvent printing techniques. Canson and Roma papers were used for the contents of the book and an Indian cotton paper for the end papers”.

This book, with its complex page layers, gate-fold-outs, collages and image-text relationships seems to engage with the idea of the Cabinet of Curiosities but in book form. The reader/viewer must engage with the book as a passage through time, exploring the minutia of contents and content as one would an C16th cabinet. Sales brings together a personal set of images and inquiries into the nature of colonial and post-colonial culture peculiar to South Africa.

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