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Doc / Undoc

Documentado / Undocumented. Ars Shamánica Performática
Felicia Rice (book artist)
Guillermo Gómez-Peña (text by)
Moving Parts Press; Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Edition: #22/65
Inscription: Signed by all participants

Doc/Undoc (2014) is an artist’s book by Felicia Rice and Guillermo Gómez-Peña. Rice is a book artist, typographer, letterpress printer, publisher and educator. Rice has been collaborating with art and artists since 1977. Doc/Undoc is a product of a seven year collaboration and the deluxe edition is housed in a hi-tech aluminium case containing a video by Professor Gustavo Vazquez, an altar and a cabinet of curiosities. The object itself carries questions of identity and is a performative artist’s book in search of a new format and a new audience. There is a deluxe edition of 15 which includes the artist’s book in an aluminium case. An additional 35 stand-alone books are available. The book invites each participant to “heal themselves with fetishes and antidotes to paranoia, racism, cultural loneliness, formalist aesthetics, and political despair”. The aim of the book is to allow the viewer to enter an intimate space of engagement that addresses all the senses: aural, visual, tactile and olfactory. The book serves as “a kit to face the uncertainty of the future”.

DOC/UNDOC: Collaboration and Metamorphosis. Artist Performance/Talk by Felicia Rice. Available on: https://events.ucsc.edu/event/2551

DOC/UNDOC Documentado/Undocumented Ars Shamánica Performática.Available on: http://movingpartspress.com/publications/doc-undoc

DOC/UNDOC: Transgress, Transcend, Transform. Available on: http://www.artpractical.com/column/doc-undoc/

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