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Raising Water

Sjoerd Hofstra
Karen O’Hearn
Naum Granovskii (cover by)
ZET; Amsterdam & New York
Edition: #3/15
Inscription: Signed by the artist

Sjoerd Hofstra and Karen O’Hearn’s Raising Water (2013) is a movable book, with visible paper engineering, bound in linen, and housed in a brown flip-top box with title on the spine.

The work photographically documents the throwing of a stone into water, its splash and the resultant ripples each as a set of six images which open out across the page openings. By lifting the interleaving card pages between each set of images, the three visual elements (throw, splash and ripple) can be experienced as complex paper-engineered and constructed mechanisms. In contrast to the cool black and white images on clean white paper presented horizontally without any other distracting visual or textual elements, the paper engineering seems to be rough and without finesse, held together with card tabs, tape and string: seemingly revealing a crude and makeshift analogical world operating below the slick and sanitised digital presentation of the world above.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nslgCwprqLU

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