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018 - OC4
Un Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard
Michalis Pichler (book artist)
Stéphane Mallarmé
Greatest Hits; Berlin, Germany 2014 350mm unpaged Edition: #2/10 ISBN: 2-07-073649-0 Notes: Boxed set, Edition and signed "M.P." with a separate title page. All housed in a gray cardboard box with lid held with grommets. 1. Centenary anniversary facsimile edition, published by Gallimard, (2014) of the original (1914), see: cat no: 016 - MM2 2. Sculpture by Michalis Pichler. Paper edition. (Edition of 500) ISBN: 3-978-86874-001-1 3. Sculpture by Michalis Pichler. Transparent edition. (Edition of 90) ISBN: 3-978-86874-002-8. #32/90. [Signed M.P.] 4. Sculpture by Michalis Pichler. Perspex edition. Like the Broodthaers (see cat no: 017 - MPM3) Pichler replaced the word Poème, on the title page, with Sculture. Mallarmé's poem was published in three different editions with varying paper types; Pichler copied this approach: one with transparent paper, one with standard paper, and one on individual Perspex plates.

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