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021 - MM2
Le Courtisan Grotesque
de Cramail dit Comte
Joan Miró
Ilia Zdanevich (Iliazd) (typography by)
Adrian de Monluc
Le Degré Quarante-et-un, Paris, France
Edition: #71/95
Notes: Handmade paper wrapper - Parchment wrapper (with title on cover) - paper chemise - single folded blank signature - 15 double-page signatures with text and illustrations - single folded blank signature. Housed in a beige linen slipcase. Elizabeth Phillips' catalogue, Spring 1996 states "This is a remarkable collaboration between Miro and Iliazd. Considered to be one of Miro's most successful illustrated books, it is richly illustrated with his colorful and whimsical etchings. Iliazd was an extraordinary figure in the history of the Livre d'artiste. His distinguished editions are characterized by their innovative typography, unique design and unusual choice of text. This is the last book published by Iliazd. Monluc, a seventeenth century French writer Iliazd rediscovered, wrote the sardonic tale of an unattractive royal court attendant which Miro illustrated with court humour. The text is printed horizontally and vertically creating a visual rhythm so that the reader is physically engaged while reading the book".

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