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027 - MPM3
Fizzles (Foirades)
Etchings (Gravures)
Jasper Johns (etchings by)
Samuel Beckett (author)
Petersburg Press S. A., London, UK
Edition: #233/250
Inscription: Signed by the artist and the author.
Notes: Bilingual: English and French. This book contains five texts by Samuel Beckett and thirty three etchings by Jasper Johns. The French texts first appeared in 1972; the English texts were written by Samuel Beckett in 1974 for this collaboration. The etchings were made by Jasper Johns and proofed and printed by hand at the Atelier Crommelynck in Paris in 1975 and 1976. The publication was edited by Vera Lindsay. The paper, watermarked with the initials of Samuel Beckett and the signature of Jasper Johns, was handmade by Richard de Bas in the Auvergne. The type was set in Caslon Old Face 16pt. and hand printed by Fequet and Baudier in Paris. The binding was conceived and executed by Rudolf Rieser in Cologne. The book is bound in handmade paper and boxed in linen, with an internal lining of colour lithographs by Jasper Johns. Individually dedicated. Housed in a drop-back box with a purple tassel.

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