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029 - MPM3
The Departure of the Argonaut
Francesco Clemente (illustrated by)
Alberto Savinio (text by)
Petersburg Press; London, UK
Edition: #161/200
Notes: The bound book includes five chapters and an original epilogue, fifty double page spreads of text, interwoven with lithographs, 65 x 100 cms, 34 in colour, 16 in black, on Japanese Okawara Kozo paper for both block and binding, and boxed in a beige linen folio (675mm). The pages are bound Japanese style with the fold at the fore-edge and each folded page has a liner between the folded page. The complete text La partenza dell'argonauta of Alberto Savinio written in 1917, and translated into English for this publication in 1986 by George Scrivani. The portfolio of text and image is unbound and boxed with a folded sheet of the Translator's Note laid in. The pages are not numbered despite the colophon stating they are.

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