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076 - C9-9
The Diaries of Adam & Eve
Charles Hobson (book artist)
Mark Twain (translated by)
Henry Dorure (designed by)
Pacific Editions; San Francisco, CA, USA
17pp + 17pp
Edition: AP C of 38 copies.
Inscription: Signed by the artist.
Notes: Excerpts from The Diaries of Adam & Eve as translated by Mark Twain. The images of a running man and woman created as pastel monotypes are printed as digital pigment prints and are based on the human motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge made in 1901. The separate print entitled Adam & Eve Embracing contains the handwriting of Livy Twain written 5 August 1903. The concertina and French door structure with cut-out pages and collaged folded sheets has been designed by Charles Hobson and assembled with the assistance of Alice Shaw. John DeMerritt made the board covers and slipcase. Complicated double accordion fold with cut-outs and fore-edge text. Decorated covers and slipcase.

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