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088 - OMPM3
Then & Now
Hollywood Boulevard 1973 - 2004
Edward (Ed) Ruscha
Steidl; Göttingen, Germany
320mm, oblong
Edition: Unknown
ISBN: 3-86521-105-4
Notes: Bookseller’s comment: "30 years after the original book, a digital record of Hollywood Boulevard was created. For this shoot, the same type of camera equipment was used to re-photograph the street on 35mm color-negative film. The resulting material of both shoots - 4,500 black & white and 13,000 color images - have been scanned and digitally composed into four panoramics of the complete 12 miles. In Then & Now, the original 1973 northside view [traveling East] is shown along the top of the page and juxtaposed with its 2004 version. The panoramics face each other and they are aligned [bottom: ending West, South Side]. The result is what Ruscha refers to as ‘a piece of history ... a very democratic, unemotional look at the world’. Whilst it is a significant historical document which succinctly conflates and renders the passage of time, it is also a project which spans the career of one of the truly original artists of our time and brings his work full circle". The original images were photographed on 8 July 1973 and the new images were photographed on 5 June 2004 and the book can be turned ‘upside down’ to view the South side panorama. Housed in a card slipcase.

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