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0105 - C6-4/5/6
Book number 91
Untitled (A String Book)
Keith A. Smith
Space Heater Multiples; Barrytown, NY, USA
252mm, oblong
Edition: #39/50
Inscription: Signed by the artist.
Notes: Book No. 091 with an introduction on separate card. The covers of the book have a string pattern, hinting at what's to be found inside. Upon opening the book, we find a cut page that reveals glimpses of the title page beneath it - one that is barely legible: the words are blind embossed on the page, listing simply the title, the artist, and the publisher. The strings move through the pages of the book producing sounds when turning the pages. Smith (in a separate colophon which accompanies the book) states: "The sound, cast light and shadows and their focus and movement. Are not part of the physical book. They are physical, but they only come into existence during the act of experiencing the book, that is, turning the page".

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