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0108 - C5-2/3
7 x When you Read
Quand on lit
Jean-Claude Loubières
Marie-Hélène Lafon
Anthony Seidman
F. Despalles - Editions; Paris, France
Edition: One of 21 copies
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Notes: Seven books, each in a decreasing size, all housed in a tiered box. AdèLéo editions (A&L).
1. When We Read. Quand on Lit. 225mm. Marie-Hélène Lafon
2. When One Reads. Quand on Lit. 225mm. Jean-Pierre Ostende
3. When you Read. 215mm. Anthony Seidman
4. When You Read. 196mm. Jean-Claude Loubieres
5. Quandonlitt. 196mm. Jean-Claude Loubieres
6. Quandonlitt. 198mm. Jean-Claude Loubieres
7. Quand on Lit on ne Voit pas les Lettres. 103mm. Jean-Claude Loubieres.

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