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0111 - C7-7
Substance of a Dream
Valerie Hammond
Artist’s publication, New York, USA
Edition: One of 8 copies
Notes: Medium: digital print, ink, pencil, watercolour. Accordion fold, housed in a gold custom-made flip-top box with laser-cut image set into the top. 21st Annual Minneapolis Print & Drawing Fair, Curator's Choice, Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, Curator of African Art. Inspired by the idea of "portable sculpture," Hammond’s Substance of a Dream is composed of floating paper heads which fall gently forward when the pages are opened and can be arranged in different sculptural configurations. Each page is a reproduction from the artist's sketchbooks; the disembodied heads are then laser-cut with the recollection of an intensely vivid dream. The cut-out letters produce lacey and layered transparency between pages; when lit, they are transposed to the book’s pedestal. Laser-cut archival prints with watercolor, graphite, and ink, accordion-bound in Plexiglas covers in custom box with laser-cut Plexiglas inset. Each copy contains slight variations in prints used. Binding designed by Sophia Kramer and Marshall Weber.

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