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0154 - C6-4/5/6
The Island of Rota
Abelarao Morell (illustrated by)
Oliver Sacks (text by)
Ted Muehling (designed by)
Library Council of the Museum of Modern Art; New York, USA
Edition: #55/135
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Notes: Abelardo Morell's thirteen works are cliché-verres, photographic prints from images he made by hand in ink and plant matter on glass. Ted Muehling's work encompasses most aspects of the book, including the typography and the layered structure. He designed the cycad leaf and sea-fan castings, the laser-cut image in two leaves of paper, the altered historical maps, and the cover and box. Leslie Miller and Brad Ewing printed the text and the Vandermaelen map by letterpress at The Grenfell Press, New York. The graphic design is by Leslie Miller, with Ted Muehling. The text was printed in Walbaum type on Magnani paper. Jonathan Singer scanned the cliché-verre originals and printed them digitally at Singer Editions, Boston. Mark Tomlinson bound the edition in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Paul Wong, Artistic Director of Dieu Donné (Papermill), New York, made the papers and castings by hand in abaca, cotton, and linen especially for this edition. May Castleberry, editor, Contemporary Editions, organized this book for the Library Council of the Museum of Modern Art.

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