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0174 - C6-4/5/6
Two or Three Things I Imagine About Them
Alfredo Jaar
Whitehapel Art Gallery; London, UK
Edition: Unknown
Notes: Foreword by Catherine Lambert, Rene Block and Asmund Thorkildsen. "Identifications" by Patricia C. Phillips. Four parts held together with a paper band. The first part contains the text and has a cover like that of a Republic of Chile passport; each of the three other parts is a full page colour photograph (reproduction), with title panel on verso folded so that it looks like a map. For an exhibition organised by the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 14 February - 29 March 1992.44 unnumbered pages, illustrations, portraits; 16 cm + 3 folded "maps" 1. Brazil: a new cartography, 2. Hong Kong: a new cartography, 3. Nigeria: a new cartography.

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