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0178 - C9-9
Anatomy of Insanity
Maureen Cummins
Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY, USA
Edition: AP/30
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Notes: With typographic assistance from Kathy McMillan. All the textual and visual elements within the book were letterpress printed onto Trace 51 using photoengraved plates. The illustrations included are Victorian trade-cuts, advertisements, and other vintage found images, as well as drawings by the sixteenth century anatomist, Andreas Vesalius. All "data" presented within the book is authentic, taken directly from original patient records spanning the years 1819-1843. Research for the project was conducted by the artist in the archive of McClean Hospital, one of the first mental hospitals founded in the United States. The book is presented in a blue three-quarter leather bound folder with the pages fixed with two grommets at the top on both the recto and verso sides. It is accompanied by a large bulldog clip. The JAB Critic's Award 2008 Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair.

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