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0189 - C5-2/3
The Mechanical Word
Volume 4 Hold Up (to have)
Karen Bleitz (designed and produced by)
Richard Price (texts by)
Circle Press; London, UK
Edition: #15/15
ISBN: 0-901-38080-6
Inscription: Signed by the artist and author.
Notes: Engineered by Sean Matthews & Andy Armstrong at Redline CNC, Printed at Plan File Systems in a set of five volumes. Volume 1. I Against I (subject). [red]: non-kinetic circles. Volume 2. Wrecking Ball (to be). [blue]: kinetic circles. Volume 3. Hard Done From (to do). [green]: kinetic circle and triangle with cog wheels. Volume 4. Hold Up (to have). [black]: four kinetic circles and triangle. Volume 5. Long Gone (to go). [yellow]: five kinetic circles. Each volume in a plastic slipcase with Velcro fastening tab. The first half of each volume contains a poem which illustrates how the machine acts as a part of speech. In the second half, the 'machine' is put to use in the context of a more complex 'mechanical sentence'. By turning the crank, the reader activates the second poem and is forced to address the changes created on the page. Bleitz states: "I wanted to use machines to look at the dynamic relationships - people and power relationships - that grammatical rules quietly and sometimes noisily suggest".

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