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0214 - C7-7
Varga Gábor Farkas
Artist’s publication, n.p.
Edition: Unique
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Notes: Five white cards, each with a digital print plus the use of thin chain to create an image. Each card is titled Rázd meg a kártyát és with a description. Housed in a black card box with a sliding cover and the colophon handwritten on the back. Gallerist Susanne Padberg states: "The work is based on a famous, old and humorous children’s game: Pictures of Faces where the nose was a chain and where you could make funny faces by shaking the card. The Hungarian artist and cartoonist Varga Gábor Farkas added to the face by taking motifs and symbols of political power; a contemporary form of samizdat which deals with forms of censorship in the Hungary of Viktor Orban. When this book was shown in Hungary, everybody immediately understood its critical form".

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