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0217 - C6-4/5/6
26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E
The Squid Book
Veronika Schäpers
Durs Grünbein (poems by)
Yuji Nawata (translated by)
Artist’s publication, Tokyo, Japan
Edition: #6/36
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Notes: Letterpress-print in German and Japanese by polymer cliches and vinyl mats in blue, gray and black. Printed on 50-year-old Toshaban-Genshi-paper. Illustrated with nautical charts and data on the Architeuthis, provided by Tsunemi Kubodera at the National Museum of Science, Tokyo. Flexible cover made of clear vellum embossed in black and closing with magnetic strip. Box made of 8mm thick clear acrylic glass.

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