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O218 - C5-2/3
Triumph eines Hosenverkäufers
(Victory of a Trouser Salesman)
Veronika Schäpers
Heiko Michael Hartmann (text by)
Impressum; Tokyo, Japan
Edition: #7/15
Inscription: Signed by both participants.
Notes: Flexed cover and pages of plastic, housed in a plastic bag with the colophon on the cover; those within a clear paper bag together with a white pair of gloves (in a plastic bag); the whole contained in a white linen bag. Description by the bookseller: "Constructed with the integrity and design qualities of a sophisticated piece of architecture this book is yet another exceptionally innovative masterpiece by Veronika Schapers. The text consists of twenty lines, each of which can stand alone, but also can be read together with the previous or following line and then gets a different meaning. Some words are even doubled, which lets the reader feel like jumping around. The format of the book is a square, according to a boxing ring. The text is set in a square as well to mark the area where the boxers are moving. The book consists of 20 pages of clear foil, with one line of text and two boxers’ silhouettes on each page. The boxers are printed as red shadows and only become visible, when the pages are turned. When the pages are lying one above the other, the boxers fuse into a colored mass visualizing the movements. The single foils are stitched onto transparent gum cords that for their part give tension to the flexible plastic cover and symbolize the strings of a boxing ring. The bended cover is designed in a way that it pushes the spine of the book upwards, in order to make the book easy to open. To emphasize the transparency of the book, title and colophon are printed on a inflatable plastic cushion that serves as the case for the book. Inflatable aircushion with stamped title in red and imprint in black. White fleece bag. 23.5 x 21 cm. Signed by the artist and the author."

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