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0228 - C8-8
Cry Uncle
Frances Jetter
Artist’s publication, New York, USA
480 x 625mm, oblong
Edition: #14/15
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Notes: Housed in a decorated canvas bag with a zip at the top (560 x 650mm). From the artist’s description: "Cry Uncle an expression used by bullies to demand submission of the other, is the title of this 23-page accordion fold book, a graphic response to man's inhumanity to man in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and Bagram. In 2009, I wrote, designed and illustrated Cry Uncle, which begins in the Orwellian Ministry of Love, "where they have ways to make you talk." A canvas sack holds a portfolio covered with thin, creased, fragile-looking Nepalese paper resembling human skin. 11 images carved from 18" x 24" linoleum blocks, and the larger letterpress text from old wooden letters, were printed on translucent, handmade Japanese paper, allowing the viewer to glimpse the shadow image of what came before. Unfolded, the book is over 40 feet long. The zippered red mouth on the sack that hold the book is the beginning and end of the story".

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