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0240 - C7-7 ZA
Kathleen Patricia Sawyer
Artist’s publication, East London, RSA
various (see notes)
Edition: Unique
Notes: Seven Moleskin sketchbooks of varying sizes: 1. Childhood, 104mm. 2. Puberty, 104mm. 3. Autopsy, 140mm. 4. Forensics, 140mm. 5. Postmortem. 140mm notepad format held closed with elastic band. 6. Necrophagus. 210mm held closed with elastic band. 7. My Personal Sketchbook. 250mm. Held closed with elastic band. Merit Award winner of the ABSA l'Atelier, whose catalogue entry states: "Exploring themes of transformation and death, these pieces are executed on a small scale intended to create an intimate relationship between the work and the viewer. The drawings are expressed in a format uncharacteristic of "finished art" and must be actively explored rather than passively viewed. In this way the sketchbooks become art objects in themselves, as opposed to being preliminary version of a later work. Narrative content is orientated around the body and its various metamorphoses. The books themselves are revealed to be fragile, the paper translucent as skin and at times compromised by the intervention of cut-outs".

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