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0249 - C6-4/5/6 ZA
Horizons of Babel
Keith Dietrich
Artist’s publication, Stellenbosch, RSA
Edition: #3/26 copies
ISBN: 0-620-32234-9
Notes: An artist's book comprising a panorama of 1:50,000 maps (15' latitude and 3' longitude) lying on the semicircle that stretches from Cape Columbine to Cape Agulhas and a semi-circular panorama installation of watercolour paintings. The watercolour panorama measures six metres in diameter and is broken into seven sections (Cape Columbine, Verlorenvlei, Hottentotsberg, Roosterberg, Anysberg, Napkei and Agulhas) corresponding to the above-mentioned co-ordinates. Folded facsimiles of these panoramas have been placed into a pocket at the back of the book. Slipcase.

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