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0252 - C6-4/5/6 ZA
The Be Careful Pop-up Book
If You Look Hard Enough you can See Your Future
Stephen Hobbs (book artist)
Ingrid Schindall (conceptualised by)
David Krut Projects; Johannesburg, RSA
Edition: #3/12
Notes The artist's signature, the edition size and date can be seen through a peep-hole in the final pop-up of the book. Bound in decorated cloth with no title. The work itself is a form of paper architecture, concealing within its two dimensions, three-dimensional structures and mechanisms. The book was conceptualised with Ingrid Schindall, a printmaker specialising in book-binding and paper engineering. The work contains ten silkscreened, black and white double page spreads, six of which contain pop-ups of variable moving mechanics. The spreads include found text and handwritten mind-maps, stylised networks and city grids, scaffolding and empty billboard structures, blocked patterns and optical illusions.

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