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0253 - C8-8 ZA
A Troyville Diary
Judith Mason
The Artists' Press, White River; RSA
Edition: Unique
Inscription: Signed and dated by the artist
Notes: Preface: "Shocked by the number of gun shots audible from my home in Troyville, I began recording their frequency in July 2001. By the end of September I found myself aggrieved if a fusillade had not cut the night. It seemed a good time to stop making". Corrugated boards enclosing an illustration of a corrugated wall with differing gun shots piercing the wall. Pages are bound into the covers of corrugated iron with three leather thongs. The two covers are joined with rusted, twisted wire. Recorded on the back of each page is the time and date of the gun shots. A pair of cotton gloves is included, on with yellow trim and the other with black trim and both bearing the title: Troyville. Colophon: "The materials used - rawhide, corrugated iron, rusted wire, oiled paper, packaging tape, fluted cardboard. The image is from a photograph of a backyard building in Appolonia St. Troyville".

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