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Photographic Credits

In most cases, the images of the works appearing in this publication have been photographed and provided by Mark Stanley Adams, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exceptions are the following:

Cover image, Fig. 11, page 21 and plate 27, page 114 photographed and supplied by David Paton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Plate 1a, b & c, page 81; plate 2a & b, page 82; plate 3, page 83; plate 5a, b & c, page 84 photographed and supplied by Pippa Skotnes, Cape Town, South Africa.

Plate 4, page 83 photographed and supplied by Malcolm Payne, Cape Town, South Africa.

Plate 6, page 85; plate 7a, b & c, page 86 photographed and supplied by Fritha Langerman, Cape Town, South Africa.

Plate 8, page 90; plate 9, page 91; plate 10, page 92; plate 20, page 99 photographed and supplied by András Böröcz, New York, NY, USA.

Plate 11, page 92 photographed and supplied by Cara Maccallum, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Plate 13, page 94; plate 16, page 96 and plate 21, page 99 photographed and supplied by Robbin Ami Silverberg, New York, NY, USA

Individual works of art appearing herein may be protected by copyright in South Africa and elsewhere and may thus not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the copyright owner.

Every effort has been made to request and receive permission to reproduce the works which appear in this publication. If any omission or oversite is found, the editor will ensure corrections and/or additions are reflected in future editions. Permission has been graciously provided by all the contacted artists listed in the publication, however the following copyright notices appear at the request of specific artist’s estates, representatives or heirs and are linked to catalogue and page numbers below.
Catalogue number 003, page 126, images © Robert Motherwell VAGA (USA) / DALRO
No: 006, page 128, images © Alexander Calder ARS (USA) / DALRO
No: 007, page 128, images reproduced with permission of Jim Dine and Enitharmon Press; London, UK
No: 010, page 129, images © Gilbert & George DACS (UK) / DALRO
No: 013, page 130, images © Max Ernst ADFAGP (FRANCE) / DALRO
No: 014, page 131 and No: 0229, page 234, all images © Dieter Roth Estate. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth
No: 015, page 131, Xerox Book Image courtesy Stichting Egress Foundation, Amsterdam / Estate of Seth Siegelaub
No: 017, page 132, images © Marcel Broodthaers SABAM (BELGIUM) / DALRO
No: 021, page 134, images © Joan Miro ADAGP (FRANCE) / DALRO
No: 022, page 135, images © Man Ray (ADAGP (FRANCE) / DALRO
No: 026, page 137, images © David Hockney
No: 027, page 137, images © Jasper Johns/VAGA, New York/DALRO, Johannesburg
No: 029, page 138, images © Francesco Clemente SIAE (ITALY) / DALRO
No: 030, page 139, images © Louise Bourgeois and The Easton Foundation/VAGA, New York/DALRO, Johannesburg
No: 031, page 139, images reproduced with permission of Roberta Cerini Baj. Archivio Baj, Italy
No: 032, page 140 and No: 059, page 152, all images © 2016 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
No: 037, page 142, images © Joseph Beuys BILDKUNST (GERMANY) / DALRO
No: 057, page 151, images © Richard Tuttle, courtesy Pace Gallery
No: 083, page 164, images © Vincent FitzGerald & Co
No: 0113, page 179, images reproduced with permission, courtesy of the artist and Michèle Didier, Paris
No: 0138, page 190, images © Pablo Picasso Administration (FRANCE) / DALRO
No: 0161, page 202, images from In the Nam What Can Happen by George Schneeman and Ted Berrigan, published by Granary Books, New York, and used by permission of Katie Schneeman
No: 0179, page 211, images © Kara Walker, courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York
No: 0186, page 211, images © Lucas Samaras, courtesy Pace Gallery
No: 0197, page 220, image supplied and reproduced with permission of Matteo Nannucc
No: 0212, page 226, images © Mauro Bellei, édition Les Trois Ourses limitée à 30 exemplaires, signée et numérotée, 2012 (www.lestroisourses.com)

© Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts (JGCBA). All rights reserved.