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101 Ways to Long for a Home

Artwork date(s): 2014

Emma Willemse

Description: 21 handmade sculptural bookworks on a trestle table. Using a sand-timer as cue, the artist re-curates the space on an hourly basis, re-enacting an attempted resettlement.

Medium: Discarded parquet floor blocks, paper, bookbinding fabric, digital prints, linocut, etching, inks, charcoal, pen, performative intervention
Measurements: Variable
Edition: Unique

Category: South African Artists Book
Type: Installation and performative intervention
Sub-type: Artist as sole producer
Theme(s): Displacement. Recording and re-imagining ways to process the loss of a home

Place publication: Cape Town
Publisher: The artist

Reference note101 Ways to Long for a Home is part of a long-term project, conceived as an imaginary manual and archival tool to record and re-imagine ways to process the loss of a home through technically varied books, all between covers constructed from inverted discarded parquet floor blocks.

The ironic title alludes to the quick-fix solutions of self-help books. Instead, the expressly stated quantity of books to be constructed in this project, 101, reference infinity and complexity; challenging and subverting notions that trauma due to displacement can be theorized in traditional ways.

Exhibition notesExhibited at: Booknesses: Contemporary South African Artist's Books. FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg. Curated by David Paton and Eugene Hon. 24 March - 5 May 2017.

Ref: DP/17017

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