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The Bibliography of the Jack Ginsberg Collection on Artists' Books

Database of South African Artists' Books

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Artists starting with 'C'

  1. Jonathan Cane
  2. Cristina Cardenas
  3. Ena Carstens
  4. Peter Carstens
  5. Norman Catherine
  6. Clare Cavanagh
  7. Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers
  8. Carla Chait
  9. Verity Chaplin
  10. Malcolm Christian
  11. Peter Clarke
  12. Rosalind Cleaver
  13. Bob Cobbing
  14. Elbé Coetsee
  15. Bob (Enni) Coexae
  16. Qgam (Dada) Coexae
  17. Louisemarie Combrink
  18. Jonathan Comerford
  19. Mandy Conidaris
  20. Mandy Coppes
  21. Franci Cronjé
  22. Wilma Cruise
  23. Patrick Cullinan
  24. Pip Curling

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