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The Jack Ginsberg Database and Bibliography

» MP3 of Helene van Aswegen interviewed recently as part of the Bookbinding Now blog-series
Bookbinding Now is a New York-based community podcast hosted by Susan Mills
» National Museum of African Art and Smithsonian Libraries Unveil ďArtistsí Books and AfricaĒ - 16 Sept 2015 - 11 Sept 2016
The exhibition features work by Mark Attwood (and others at The Artists' Press), Malcolm Payne, Pippa Skotnes, Wilma StockenstrŲm and Judith Mason, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Kim Berman, Peter Clarke, Keith Dietrich, Luan Nel and Daniel Halter
» MP3 of Jack Ginsberg speaking at the Center for Book Arts, New York conference: panel # 2: `Artists Books: Meaning through materials and structure'


The site accounts for the presence and nature of the artistís book in South Africa. It consists of textual research conducted on the history, contemporary context and theoretical positioning of the artist's book; interactive digital catalogues of major exhibitions of artists' books held in South Africa; a searchable database of all South African artists' books thus far researched; links to online resources and related sites of interest; news on book arts events as well as featured artists' books.

At the centre of much of our exploration are The Jack Ginsberg Artistsí Books Collections which consist of The Collection of South African Artistsí Books, The Collection of International Artistsí Books, and The Collection on Artistsí Books.

New to the site is The Bibliography of The Jack Ginsberg Collection on Artistsí Books, which is an index to thousands of printed items (books, scholarly texts, catalogues, pamphlets, tracts etc.) on artists' books, collected by Jack Ginsberg over the last forty-five years. This bibliography will be of great interest to collectors, librarians and scholars of the artistís book.

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